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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Florida Association of Homeowners?

Florida Association of Homeowners is a statewide organization for the state's homeowners and the wide variety of business that serve homeowners.

I am already a member of my neighborhood's HOA, why should I join FAH?

FAH's mission is much different from local HOAs in these important ways:
-Unlike local HOAs, FAH is a non-regulatory organization. Our focus is to provides tangible and practical consumer benefits to our members.
-FAH's membership is statewide in scope. Our membership covers the entire state.
-FAH is an independent organization that represents the collective needs of homeowners across the state.

This sounds good. I live out of state, can I join FAH?

Absolutely! If you own a home in Florida, you can become a member. FAH membership is open to all current and future homeowners in the state. This includes, but not limited to owners of houses, vacation homes, condominiums and manufactured homes, as well as those who are in the market for a home.

I am a renter. Can I join?

FAH membership is open to all current and future homeowners in the state, and that includes renters.

Homeowners comprise the largest consumer group in the state, and prior to FAH, they had no united clout with which to negotiate with companies that provide the wide variety of products and services to them. Florida Association of Homeowners is the conduit for channeling these businesses to our members.