FAH - A Statewide Homeowner Network

Florida Association of Homeowners (FAH) is a statewide benefits network for homeowners.  Founded in 1996, our mission is to unite the state's 6 million homeowners under one membership umbrella and network them with businesses that serve their needs, and also to encourage, promote and facilitate greater levels of homeownership in the state. FAH's growing membership of participating businesses provides current and future homeowners with easy access to knowledgeable professionals and valuable savings on a wide variety of products and services, around the state and across the country.

Our Membership


With our growing network of home service professionals and great money-saving benefits, FAH provides a comprehensive support system for homeowners across the state. Florida Association of Homeowners provides members with the recognition, valuable benefits and other unique advantages that come with the status of being a homeowner.


FAH is being positioned as a one-stop resource for future homeowners in the state. We seek to network prospective homeowners with business members and partners that are ready to help with navigating the process of successfully buying a home, including:

  • Finding the perfect home
  • Getting the right mortgage
  • Finding support professionals and tradespeople to make the process as smooth as possible


FAH offers a unique opportunity for all types of businesses and professionals to network locally and statewide with consumers who are encouraged and eager to support businesses that are members of Florida Association of Homeowners. We place heavy emphasis on honesty, integrity, quality and reputation. Businesses, professionals and corporate entities that share a similar commitment are welcome to be a part of FAH.