Certifed Business Membership

Discover the Advantages of CBM

Our Certified Business Member (CBM) designation tells our members and the general public that your company is fully committed to high ethical standards and professionalism. Certified Business Membership is required for companies that do any type of work at or on the customer's home, such as:

  • Home improvement and remodeling
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Landscaping or handyman
  • Any profession that requires a license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

FAH CBMs are pre-screened to assure fellow members and the general public that the member company is currently licensed and possess the appropriate credentials to work in the state, among other qualifications. With CBMs, our primary concern and focus is the quality, professionalism and trustworthiness of the service professionals that we refer to others. Only companies that meet our minimum requirements, can pass our pre-screen checks and are committed to honest business practices while delivering quality products and services, are encouraged to apply for certification.

CBM Requirements

CBM Minimum Requirements

  • Company should be in business for at least 2 years.
  • Posess a strong commitment to honest and ethical business practices
  • Be fully committed to professionalism, quality service, workmanship and products.
  • Posses current state and local licenses and permits to legally operate
  • Posses current insurance coverage (workman’s, liability, etc.,.) and bonding, if appropriate
  • Be a member in good standing in at least one professional, business or trade association, Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, etc.,. or otherwise be in business for at least 3 years, or owner has a minimum of 3 years of related experience.
  • Neither the company, nor any of its officers should have any pending or past criminal charges of fraud, deceptive practices or other unethical violations as it relates to the company’s primary business, within the preceding 3 years.
  • Neither the company nor any of its officers should have filed for bankruptcy protection within the past 3 years.
  • Neither company nor any of its officers should have had its license revoked or have been denied a bond within the past 3 years
  • Company should NOT have a history of negative, unresolved customer complaints and litigation
  • Company should be able to provide at least 2 trade and 6 customer references that can be verified

Our Pre-Screen Checks

  • Verification of local & state licences
  • Check licensing agencies for complaints or past problems
  • Check trade & customer references
  • Check various online sources for customer feedback

Business Building Opportunities

FAH ProLeads

Get fresh, verified leads from FAH Members and the general public who are interested in your services. There are no up-front fees, contracts or commissions. You pay only for the leads that you accept. Click below to learn more about the program and the cost for leads.
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Homeowner Connection Networking Events

Meet face-to-face with current FAH Members and new homeowners in the area at this exclusive event for FAH Members. Events are being scheduled statewide and only a limited number of companies will be allowed to participate.

Ask-a-Pro Forum

This is the online meeting place where homeowners can chat with a wide variety of professionals. The Ask-a-Pro forum provides a tremendous opportunity for you to establish your credentials and show the extent of your knowledge and experience with those seeking your expertise.

Florida Homeowner's Journal - FHJ

FHJ is our monthly newsletter that reaches our entire membership. Through FHJ, we share valuable information on companies, products, services and events that is of interest to members.

Certified Business Member (CBM) Recognition

CBM Certificate

Certified Business Member Certificate

As a FAH Certified Business Member, you will receive this elegant certificate that is suitable for framing and displayed prominently on your wall. It is a testament to your commitment to practicing the highest professional and ethical standards.

CBM Decal


Our Certified Business Member vehicle decal gives you great visibility among the general public and helps win their confidence in your company. It shows your company's commitment to excellent service and honest business practices.

CBM Website Badge



You can proudly display this badge on your website, which affirms your company's reputation for honesty and professionalism, and helps fellow FAH members to readily identify your company as a competent and trustworthy FAH Business Member in good standing.

Certified Business Membership Fees

# of Employees



  • 1-49
  • 50-150
  • 151-499
  • 500+
  • Partnership
  • Sponsorship

Annual Fee



  • $249
  • 495
  • 795
  • 1200
  • 2500
  • 5,000