Discover the pride and satisfaction of becoming a member of Florida Association of Homeowners - FAH! We are the only statewide benefits network just for homeowners. There is strength in numbers, and your FAH membership will help us to negotiate the best possible deals on your behalf, as well as giving us the clout that we need to be your eyes and ears at state level for issues that may affect you as a homeowner. Your membership is vitally important, so whether you choose to join as a Basic (free) Member or a paid member, your participation is important either way.

If you're a homeowner, you belong!

Included with Your Membership

Professional Referral Service

From finding competent and trustworthy home repair tradespeople, real estate professionals and other services, our Certified Business Members are pre-screened, quality-driven professionals who take pride in their work and are fully committed to your satisfaction.

Exclusive Discounts & Special Offers

Your FAH membership is the key to unlocking some amazing discounts and special offers from merchants with products and services that you may already use. Save money on travel, eyewear, tires, restaurants, legal services and much more!

Florida Homeowner's Journal

Florida Homeowner's Journal (FHJ) is our monthly newsletter that alerts you to current news and happenings that are of special interest to homeowners. Get valuable reviews, read about Business Members and learn more about issues at state and federal levels that may affect you as a homeowner.

Homeowner Connection

Homeowner Connection is an event that is exclusively for our members. Meet other FAH residential members connect with a wide variety of business members who will be on hand to answer any of your questions. These social events are free for our members to attend, and you will always be treated as a VIP.

FAH's Premium Benefits

Save up to 40% or more everyday from local and national companies that you know and may already do business with. Use any of these benefits even once per month and you will save a lot more than the low membership fee!

...and even more savings!

Enjoy these great benefits and savings for

Only $2.92 per month!

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