All Members:

Florida Association of Homeowners (FAH) is a membership organization. Your membership will automatically renew at the end of each membership period. You may cancel your membership at anytime by visiting the cancellation page in the member area. There are no refunds for memberships already paid.


While we make every reasonable effort to properly screen our FAH Certified Member applicants, the reality is that no system is 100% foolproof, so we urge users of our referral service to independently verify the contractor's information before making the final hiring decision. Users of FAH's referral program agree that neither Florida Association of Homeowners, Inc., (FAH), nor any of its officers or employees can be held liable for any loss suffered by the user.


FAH reserves the exclusive right to amend these terms as we see fit. Any change(s) made to these terms will be posted here.


FAH Business Member\Certified Business Member (CBM) - you agree to:

Uphold and practice the highest standards of business ethics, honesty and quality service, while dealing with FAH members and our other referred clients.

Extend your best discount exclusively to FAH Members.

Give Florida Association of Homeowners (“FAH”) permission to provide information on your company to its members, and non-members.

Give FAH expressed permission to verify information that you provided, with the appropriate agencies

For CBMs: Pay FAH a lead fee of $10 on contracts that are $399 or less, and on contracts $400 and above (with no limit), the lead fee is $40 for each non-member lead and $20 for leads from fellow FAH Members that we offer, and is accepted by you.

Honor all discounts, warranties and special offers to FAH members, as agreed to in this application.

FAH reserves the right to accept, or reject this application

Should arbitration be necessary to resolve any dispute between you and any of our members, you agree to abide by the decision of the Arbitrator or Arbitration Committee.

Use the FAH logo only within the limits permitted by the use permit

Immediately cease using, displaying or otherwise representing membership in FAH, should your membership be  expired, revoked or otherwise terminated.

Florida Association of Homeowners is a membership-based organization. We do not offer any guarantees or warranties, whether expressed or implied, regarding the source, volume or nature of any leads or referrals that we may acquire and subsequently offer to our Business Members.